Swami Vivekananda's Chronological Biography

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Swami Vivekananda Chronology


Date/Month Event Image Source
12 January India flagSwami Vivekananda was born Narendranath Datta at 6:33 am, just after sunrise, at 3 Gourmohan Mukherjee street, Shimla Pally, Kolkata, parent: father Vishwanath Datta, mother: Bhuvaneswari Datta. The day was Hindu festival Makarasamkranti
Vivekananda's birthplace
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Banhatti p. xiii


Date/Month Event Image Source
?? India flagYoung Narendranath was enrolled at the Metropolitan Institution of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar - Banhatti p. xiii


Date/Month Event Image Source
?? India flagNarendranath studied at Metropolitan Institution till 1877, then the Datta family moved to Raipur, Madhya Pradesh - Banhatti p. xiii


Date/Month Event Image Source
?? India flagDatta family came back to Calcutta, Narendranath joined his old school (Metropolitan Institution), passed Entrance examination, entered Presidency College for higher studies. At Presidency College he was irregular. - Banhatti p. xiii


Date/Month Event Image Source
?? India flagNarendranath passed the Fine Arts examination - Banhatti p. xiii
November India flagNarendranath met Ramakrishna for the first time at the house of Surendranath Mitra. Narendranath sang few devotional songs, Ramakrishna very much liked young Narendra and invited him to come to Dakshineswar.


Date/Month Event Image Source
End of 1881/Beginning of 1882 India flagNarendranath went to Dakshineswar with two friends and met Ramakrishna. This meeting proved to be a turning point in his life.
Images source: Wikimedia Commons
- -


Date/Month Event Image Source
?? India flagPassed Bachelor of Arts Examination from Scottish Church College - -
November India flagDeath of Vishwanath Datta, Narendranath's father. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
?? India flagRamakrishna's throat cancer and he was shifted to Calcutta and later to Cossipore. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
16 August India flagAt night, death of Ramakrishna
The Group of Disciples after Ramakrishna's funeral
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
19 October India flagFirst Ramakrishna Math was founded in a half-ruined house at Baranagar near the river Ganges - -
24 December India flagTook resolution with eight other disciples of Ramakrishna to become Sanyasi in Aantpur. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
January India flagSanyasa at Baranagar Math, took the monastic name "Vividishananda" - -
?? India flagCompiled a Bengali song anthology named Sangeet Kalpataru with Vaishnav Charan Basak - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
January India flagLeft Baranagore Math, started journey as a Wandering Monk, sole possessions were a kamandalu (water pot), staff and his two favourite books: Bhagavad Gita and The Imitation of Christ - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
December India flagReached Vaidyanath, from there he went to Kashi. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
January India flagFrom Kashi, went to Ghazipur. Reached Kashipur on 22 January. There he met Pavhari Baba, a Hatha Yoga practitioner. Narendranath was suffering from Lumbago at that time. He wished to become a disciple of Pavhari Baba, the night before the initiation, he saw Ramakrishna in his dream, looking at him in a melancholic face. He understood, no one else other than Ramakrishna could be his Master in his life. He cancelled his plan of initiation. - -
First half India flagDeath of Balaram Bose and Suresh Chandra Mitra, Narendranath returned to Calcutta. - -
July India flagLeft Baranagore monastery with a resolve of not returning there again. Journey to Bhagalpur, Vaidyanath, Almora, Rishikesh . Badrinath p. 94


Date/Month Event Image Source
January India flagSet out for Delhi - -
February India flagArrived at Alwar, stayed for seven weeks - -
?? India flagJaipur, Ajmer and Mount Abu. At Mt. Abu, he met Ajit Singh of Khetri. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
Last week of July India flagArrived in Bombay and stayed for several weeks. - -
24–26 December India flagMeditated on a rock at Kanyakumari, Kanyakumari resolve - -
?? India flagTravelled to Pune, stayed as a house guest of Bal Gangadhar Tilak - -
?? India flagTravelled to Kolhapur - -
Second fortnight October to 27 October India flagStayed in Belgaum - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
13 February India flagFirst public lecture, Secunderabad, South India - -
31 May India flagStarted his journey to the West from Bombay - -
25 July India flagLanded at Vancouver, Canada - -
30 July United States FlagReached Chicago at 10:30 PM - -
August United States FlagJoining Parliament of Worlds' Religions became uncertain. Went to Boston to cut off expenditure. - -
9 September United States FlagBack to Chicago, lost all money, spent the night in a goods train. - -
10 September United States FlagTried to beg some money in the streets of Chicago. - -
11–27 September United States FlagFirst lecture at the Parliament of the World's Religions, started his lecture with "Sisters and brothers of America", got 2 minutes' standing ovation.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
15 September United States FlagSecond lecture at the Parliament, told the story of a frog in the well. - -
19 September United States FlagThird lecture at the Parliament. - -
20 September United States FlagFourth lecture at the Parliament. - -
25 September United States FlagFifth lecture at the Parliament. - -
26 September United States FlagFinal lecture at the last session of the Parliament. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
January–February United States FlagLectures at Detroit - Banhatti, p. xiv
March–May United States FlagLectures at Boston, Chicago, New York etc - Banhatti, p. xiv
16 May United States FlagGave lecture at Harvard University - -
June United States FlagLectures at Chicago - Banhatti, p. xiv
July-August United States FlagJoined Green Acre Religious Conference - Banhatti, p. xiv
September–October United States FlagBaltimore, Washington - Banhatti, p. xiv
November United States FlagFounded Vedanta Society of New York - -
December United States FlagLectures classed at Brooklyn - Banhatti, p. xiv


Date/Month Event Image Source
January United States FlagBegan classes in New York - -
4-18 June United States FlagStayed at Camp Percy, New Hampshire. - -
July Sailed for Europe. - -
August-September Stayed in Paris - -
October-November England flagLectures in London, first meeting with Sister Nivedita - -
December United States FlagReturned to the United States, started lectures and classes. J. J. Goodwin, a professional stenographer joined him. These lectures were published in his book Karma Yoga - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
22-25 March Gave lecture at Harvard University, offered Eastern Philosophy chair. - -
15 April England flagReturned to London.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

May-July England flagHe went again to England. - -
May-July England flagClasses in London. - -
28 May England flagMet Friedrich Max Müller in Oxford - -
August-September In the Europe for six weeks. - -
October-November England flagBegan classes in London. - -
30 December Left Naples for India. - -


15 January Reached Colombo - -
26 Jan India flagArrived at Pamban, India, received warm welcome. - -
27 Jan India flagLecture "Real worship" in Rameshwaram temple. - -
6-14 Feb India flagStayed in Madras (Chennai) - -
19 Feb India flagSwami Vivekananda returned to Calcutta, India. - -
7 March India flagCelebrated birth anniversary of Ramakrishna in Dakshineswar - -
1 May India flagFounded the Ramakrishna Mission in house of Balaram Bose. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
January India flagReturned to Calcutta - -
May India flagBegan North India pilgrimage with Western devotees - -
2 August India flagAmarnath, Kashmir - -
9 December India flagFirst monastery at Belur Math inaugurated. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
20 June Swami Vivekananda sailed for second visit to the West. - -
31 July
England flag
Reached London
- -
28 August Arrived in New York City - -
August-November United States FlagStayed at Ridgely Manor, New York, founded "Shanti Ashrama" (peace retreat) at California. - -


Date/Month Event Image Source
22 February United States FlagArrived in San Francisco. - -
14 April United States FlagFounded Vedanta Society in San Francisco. - -
26 July Left for Europe. - -
3 August Attended the Congress of Religions, in Paris. - -
7 September Gave lecture at Congress of History of Religions at Exposition. - -
24 October Began tour of Vienna, Constantinople, Greece and Cairo. - -
26 November Left for India. - -
9 December India flagArrived at Belur Math. - -

Date/Month Event Image Source
3 January India flagVivekananda visited Mayavati, Almora - Banhatti p. xv
24 January India flagReturned to Belur Math - Banhatti p. xv
March-May India flagPilgrimage in East Bengal and Assam - -
18 October India flagOrganised Durga Puja in Belur Math. - -
December India flagIndian National Congress meeting at Calcutta. Meeting with Tilak and other leaders - Banhatti p. xv


Date/Month Event Image Source
January-February India flagVisited Bodh Gaya and Varanasi - -
March India flagReturned to Belur Math - -
4 July India flagVivekananda sat for meditation at Belur Math, and passed away at ten minutes past nine p.m. at the age of 39 years. - -

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