Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Corruption

Come up, young ones of the bird of Paradise,
before your feet touch the cesspool of corruption
—Swami Vivekananda
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The topic of our this article is Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on corruption. (Naturally) Swamiji did not say or predict anything on recent political corruptions or scams. But in Swamiji's works, we find his comments and quotes on corruption. And here we are going make a compilation of those quotes.
  • Come up, young ones of the bird of Paradise, before your feet touch the cesspool of corruption, this world, and fly upwards.[Source]
  • I denounced only the present corrupted form of Vamachara of the Tantras. I did not denounce the Mother - worship of the Tantras, or even the real Vamachara. The purport of the Tantras is to worship women in a spirit of Divinity. During the downfall of Buddhism, the Vamachara became very much corrupted, and that corrupted form obtains to the present day.[Source]
  • It was not through his teachings that Buddhism came to such degradation, it was the fault of his followers. By becoming too philosophic they lost much of their breadth of heart. Then gradually the corruption known as Vamachara (unrestrained mixing with women in the name of religion) crept in and ruined Buddhism.[Source]
  • The heathen corruption is dreadful.[Source]
  • The present age is a corruption of that state of perfection.[Source]
  • This present age is held to be a corruption of a former age by every religion. It went on becoming more and more corrupt until the deluge swept away a large portion of mankind, and again the ascending series began. It is going up slowly again to reach once more that early state of purity.[Source]
  • To remove all this corruption in religion, the Lord has incarnated Himself on earth in the present age in the person of Shri Ramakrishna.[Source]
  • We are very regular in marrying our girls at eleven years of age lest they should become corrupt and immoral.[Source]
  • Whatever is weak and corrupt is liable to die — what are we to do with it? If it goes, let it go, what harm does it do to us? What is strong and invigorating is immortal. Who can destroy that?[Source]

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