03 January 2014

Vivekananda Image Quotes - Archive 01

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22 December (i)

Enjoyment, misery, luxury, wealth, power, and poverty, even life itself, are all evanescent.

22 December 2013 (ii)

Human language is the attempt to express the truth that is within

21 December 2013

Want makes us beggars, and we are sons of the king, not beggars.

20 December 2013 (i)

Pleasure is not the goal of man, but knowledge. Pleasure and happiness come to an end. It is a mistake to suppose that pleasure is the goal.

20 December 2013 (ii)

There is no happiness higher than what a man obtains by this attitude of non-offensiveness, to all creation.

19 December 2013

Liberty is the first condition of growth.

18 December 2013 (i)

God is love and love is God.

18 December 2013 (ii)

Jealousy is the root of all evil, and a most difficult thig to conquer.

18 December 2013 (iii)

We should not think that we are men and women, but only that we are human beings, born to cherish and to help one another.

17 December 2013 (i)

Love is always mutual, reflective. You may hate me, and if I want to love you, you repulse me. But if I persist, in a month or a year you are bound to love me. It is a well-known psychological phenomenon.


17 December 2013 (ii)

To become pure is the shortest path to freedom.

16 December 2013

Every religion and every creed recognizes man as divine.

15 December 2013

The following quote is written on a T-shirt image: The human soul is eternal and immortal, perfect and infinite, and death means only a change of centre from one body to another.

14 December 2013

The real evil is idleness, which is the principal cause of our poverty.

13 December 2013

Alas, alas, the desire for enjoyment does not leave a man.

12 December 2013

The secret of life is not enjoyment, but education through experience.

11 December 2013

Duty is sweet only through love, and love shines in freedom alone.

10 December 2013

The following quote is written on a T-shirt image: If you do not raise the women, who are the living embodiment of the Divine Mother, don't think that you have any other way to rise.

9 December 2013

Sympathy for the poor, the downtrodden, even unto death — that is our motto.

8 December 2013

He who is always afraid of loss always loses.

7 December 2013

The chain of gold is quite as bad as the chain of iron

6 December 2013

The highest ideal is eternal and entire self-abnegation, where there is no 'I', but is 'Thou'.

5 December 2013

Worldliness and realization of God cannot go together

4 December 2013

Religion is a necessary thing to very few; and to the vast mass of mankind it is a luxury.

3 December 2013

The following quote is written on a T-short image: "Experience is the only source of knowledge".

2 December 2013

In a T-shirt image the following quote is written: "Each one of us is the maker of his own fate"

1 December 2013

The following quote is written on a T-shirt image: "The remedy of weakness is not brooding over weakness, but thinking of strength."

30 November 2013

29 November 2013

When one is thirsty, can one sit idle?

28 November 2013

This is the great fact: strength is life, weakness is death. Strength is felicity, life eternal, immortal; weakness is constant strain and misery; weakness is death.

27 November 2013

Infinite patience, infinite purity, and infinite perseverance, are the secret of success in a good cause.

26 November 2013

Man is higher than all animals, than all angels; none is greater than man.

25 November 2013

The only way is love and sympathy, The only worship is love.

24 November 2013

Work unto death— I am with you, and when I am gonemy spirit will work with you.

17 November 2013

Know that every time you feel weak, you not only hurt yourself, but also the cause. Infinite faith and strength are the only conditions of success.


10 November 2013

Beggar's love is no love at all. The first sign of love is when love asks nothing, [when it] gives everything.


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