26 December 2013

Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Perfection

All perfection is there already in the soul.
But this perfection has been covered up by nature.
—Swami Vivekananda
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This article is on Swami Vivekananda's quotes and comments on Perfection.
  • A perfect life is a contradiction in terms. Life itself is a state of continuous struggle between ourselves and everything outside. Every moment we are fighting actually with external nature, and if we are defeated, our life has to go. It is, for instance, a continuous struggle for food and air. If food or air fails, we die. Life is not a simple and smoothly flowing thing, but it is a compound effect. This complex struggle between something inside and the external world is what we call life. So it is clear that when this struggle ceases, there will be an end of life.[Source]
  • All perfection is there already in the soul. But this perfection has been covered up by nature; layer after layer of nature is covering this purity of the soul.[Source]
  • All progress and power are already in every man; perfection is man's nature, only it is barred in and prevented from taking its proper course.[Source]
  • All these practices and struggles to become religious are only negative work, to take off the bars, and open the doors to that perfection which is our birthright, our nature.[Source]
  • Consciously or unconsciously, we are all striving for perfection. Every being must attain to it.[Source]
  • Every individual has in himself perfection. It lies within the dark recesses of his physical being.[Source]
  • In time, everyone will have perfect manifestation. Hence the Shâstras say, "कालेनात्मनि विन्दति"—In time, That is realised in one's self."[Source]
  • Every soul is destined to be perfect, and every being, in the end, will attain the state of perfection. [Source]
  • I am really not "cyclonic" at all. Far from it. What I want is not here, nor can I longer bear this "cyclonic" atmosphere. This is the way to perfection, to strive to be perfect, and to strive to make perfect a few men and women. My idea of doing good is this: to evolve out a few giants, and not to strew pearls before swine, and so lose time, health, and energy.[Source]
  • If a thing happens once, it can happen again. If any human being has ever realised perfection, we too can do so. If we cannot become perfect here and now, we never can in any state or heaven or condition we may imagine.[Source]
  • Infinite perfection is in every man, though unmanifested. Every man has in him the potentiality of attaining to perfect saintliness, Rishihood, or to the most exalted position of an Avatâra, or to the greatness of a hero in material discoveries.[Source]
  • It is nature that is driving us towards perfection, and eventually she will bring everyone there.[Source]
  • Let us realise [that] we are the infinite power. Who put a limit to the power of mind? Let us realise we are all mind. Every drop has the whole of the ocean in it. That is the mind of man. The Indian mind reflects upon these [powers and potentialities] and wants to bring [them] all out. For himself he doesn't care what happens. It will take a great length of time [to reach perfection]. If it takes fifty thousand years, what of that! ...[Source]
  • Morality is the struggle of the bound will to get free and is the proof that we have come from perfection. . . .[Source]
  • My Master used to say, when a pitcher is being filled (by immersion), it gurgles, but when full, it is noiseless.[Source]
  • Not only we can, but some have reached perfection; so no matter what finer bodies come, they could only be on the relative plane and could do no more than we, for to attain freedom is all that can be done.[Source]
  • Patanjali, declares that the true secret of evolution is the manifestation of the perfection which is already in every being; that this perfection has been barred and the infinite tide behind is struggling to express itself. These struggles and competitions are but the results of our ignorance, because we do not know the proper way to unlock the gate and let the water in. This infinite tide behind must express itself; it is the cause of all manifestation.[Source]
  • Perfection can be had by everybody.[Source]
  • Perfection can never be attained by work.[Source]
  • Perfection does not come from belief or faith. Talk does not count for anything. Parrots can do that. Perfection comes through the disinterested performance of action.[Source]
  • Perfection is always infinite.[Source]
  • Perfection is man's nature, only it is barred in and prevented from taking its proper course.[Source]
  • Perfection is not to be attained, it is already within us.[Source]
  • Perfection is one thing and enjoyment another; these two having different ends, engage men differently.[Source]
  • [Perfection] is only possible if the mind of man is changed, if he, of his own sweet will, changes his mind; and the great difficulty is, neither can he force his own mind.[Source]
  • Perfect life is a contradiction in terms. Therefore we must always expect to find things not up to our highest ideal. Knowing this, we are bound to make the best of everything.[Source]
  • The development of man is a return to an original perfection.[Source]
  • The kingdom of heaven is already in existence if we will have it, that perfection is already in man if he will see it.[Source]
  • This perfection must come through the practice of holiness and love.[Source]
  • To be more free is the goal of all our efforts, for only in perfect freedom can there be perfection.[Source]
  • When a man is perfect, he sees perfection in others. When he sees imperfection, it is his own mind projecting itself.[Source]
  • While real perfection is only one, relative perfections must be many.[Source]
  • Who shall make me perfect? I am perfect already.[Source]

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